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When the boys were diagnosed with DMD we understood that we needed to find a new home as ours had 4 floors and too many steps. Steps are already difficult for our 6 & 9 year old so we knew we needed to eliminate them. We soon realized that a home that is only one level is next to impossible to find in our area so we started making plans to have a new home built. This was a huge advantage as we were able to customize it for our current and future needs. So we set out to create a beautiful, functional and accessible home to raise our boys in. It took 6 months and 17 drafts before we had our functional, budget friendly house plan drawn up. It took another 8 months to build it. We are now getting moved in and look forward to living in a home that works for our family.

  • Slab-on-grade and zero step entry
  • To eliminate all steps the house was built on a concrete slab with no steps in or out of the home and for comfort, infloor heating was installed throughout.


  • 8 ft tall garage doors were installed to accommodate a future mobility van and a large garage space was created to give enough room to maneuver around vehicles for loading and unloading.
  • A storm shelter was built into the garage for quick access when needed.
  • 4' wide hallways and at least 36" wide doorways were designed to handle maneuvering a wheelchair in and out of rooms.
  • All doors have lever handles for ease of opening them.
  • To keep busier areas free of obstacles, sliding doors were installed instead of swinging doors.


  • Living Space Flooring-polished concrete was chosen for this space due to it being slip resistant, durable, low maintenance, cost effective and in our opinion-beautiful.
  • Bathroom Flooring-tile was chosen for all the same reasons as polished concrete except that the added grout helps make it all the more slip resistant in a wet zone.
  • Bedroom Flooring-Low Pile “office” carpet tiles were installed due to their durability, ease of walking/rolling over and being able to replace stained /damaged tiles as needed.


  • Natural Light- With so many health advantages from natural light, many windows were installed to bring natural light in the space.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Light- Like having natural light, well lit areas are good for your health and mood. Plenty of lights were installed with dimmers as well.
  • Light Switches-Rocker Light Switches were installed for ease of use.
  • Night Lights- built in night lights with sensors were installed for easy, worry-free maneuvering in the dark


  • All lower (and no upper) cabinets were installed so everything is easy to reach.
  • A second lowered kitchen sink (34" off floor) was installed with an apron front for future wheelchair access.
  • Faucets have a single lever for ease of use.
  • A Microwave drawer was installed in a base cabinet for easy reaching.
  • Refrigerator includes a separate easy to reach lower drawer.

ADA Bathroom

  • A lowered 33" bathroom sink with apron was installed.
  • Shower floor is flush with the floor as to not have a threshold to step over.
  • Toilet seat is 18" off the ground for ease of getting up and down and is also a good transfer height
  • Grab Bars are installed throughout for a safe place to hold onto.
  • Enough floor space for a 5' turning radius.
  • Tilt Mirror that can be angled down.‍
  • Large and enough room for a 5' turning radius.
  • Walk-in closets have a sliding door and closet organizers built for easy reaching

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